Cats, cuddles, community, and ChatGPT - Marty Friedel and Ruslan Steiger

Marty and Rus sit down with Mitchell to discuss cats, cuddles, community, and ChatGPT.

Marty Friedel is the development director at Mity Digital.
Ruslan Steiger is a freelance developer in Switzerland, and also runs the Laravel Switzerland meetup.
Mitchell Davis runs Atlas Software and RecruitKit.

The new Atlas Software website

  • (00:00) - E002 - Marty Friedel and Ruslan Steiger
  • (01:55) - Intro
  • (04:18) - Marty's Cats
  • (10:58) - Breaking down complex Laravel problems
  • (19:01) - ChatGPT
  • (20:46) - The Goddess
  • (29:13) - The new billing model for Atlas Software
  • (35:24) - The problem with the Apple Watch
  • (38:11) - I feel no shame about my 6 desktop folders
  • (42:05) - Group fitness and landscape photography
  • (48:22) - Living in the moment
  • (52:48) - Laravel Switzerland
  • (01:00:39) - Prepping a talk for Laracon AU
  • (01:12:57) - Outro
  • (01:14:26) - Patreon

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Creators and Guests

Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis
Founder of Atlas Software and RecruitKit
Marty Friedel
Marty Friedel
Statamic/Laravel web developer, video gamer, landscape photographer, group fitness instructor and Lego lover in Melbourne πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί. Head Code Monkey at @mitydigital
Ruslan Steiger
Ruslan Steiger
πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ growing human πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Laravel Switzerland Meetup organizer
Cats, cuddles, community, and ChatGPT - Marty Friedel and Ruslan Steiger
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