Pitching the perfect Laracon talk - Michael Dyrynda

Michael sits down with Mitchell to discuss speaking at Laracon Australia!

Michael Dyrynda is a Laravel developer, conference organiser, and serial podcaster, and he lives in Adelaide.

The conversation delves into creating captivating conference talks through insights from Laracon AU, emphasising finding engaging topics, effective pitching, and tips for new speakers.

It also highlights the benefits of public speaking engagements, different talk types, and tailoring content to enhance audience engagement.

Additionally, it provides advice on preparing and delivering public speeches, covering various aspects like scripting, practice, managing nerves, live coding, and fostering a supportive conference environment.

  • (00:00) - Michael Dyrynda
  • (01:17) - The 50 other things
  • (02:30) - Why should you submit a talk?
  • (05:44) - The internet drops out
  • (08:43) - The three types of talks at Laracon
  • (10:24) - Don't sleep on a soft talk
  • (12:36) - What makes a good conference talk?
  • (16:02) - Finding your topic
  • (19:41) - Dealing with rejection
  • (22:52) - Give value to the audience
  • (24:39) - Stand out from the crowd with a voice recording
  • (28:44) - Mobile apps for Laravel developers
  • (30:34) - Should everyone submit a voice recording?
  • (34:00) - Your talk has been selected - now what?
  • (39:48) - Handling nerves as a speaker
  • (41:38) - Mitch spoke at a Laravel Sydney meetup
  • (44:48) - Presentational styles and live coding

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Creators and Guests

Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis
Founder of Atlas Software and RecruitKit
Michael Dyrynda
Michael Dyrynda
Dad. @laravelphp Artisan. @LaraconAU organiser. Co-host of @northsouthaudio, @laravelnews, @ripplesfm. Opinions are mine.
Pitching the perfect Laracon talk - Michael Dyrynda
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