The Terminal Guy - Joe Tannenbaum

Joe sits down with Mitchell to discuss all things terminal!

Joe Tannenbaum is a Laravel developer, living in New York, who has (since recording) recently joined the Laravel team.

The conversation delves into Joe's impactful presence on Twitter through his compelling terminal experiments, his approach to using the terminal for development, and his experiences transitioning from an arts background to tech.

Joe also shares insights into his daily routine, the development of his terminal-based projects, and his contributions to the Laravel community, including his involvement in PHP NYC meetup.

  • (00:00) - Joe Tannenbaum
  • (01:52) - A day in the life
  • (07:49) - The Terminal Guy
  • (12:54) - Idea generation
  • (17:22) - Use a Mac
  • (20:25) - Blowing up on Twitter
  • (22:41) - Getting in the game
  • (23:36) - Expo is dope
  • (27:49) - Speaking at conferences
  • (30:47) - Laracasts course
  • (32:20) - and buying all the gear
  • (34:52) - The future of the terminal
  • (38:36) - PHP NYC
  • (41:37) - Life outside of work

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Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis
Founder of Atlas Software and RecruitKit
Joe Tannenbaum
Joe Tannenbaum
Full stack developer focused on Laravel/Inertia.js/PHP/Vue/React. 👨‍💻 ssh✏️💨
The Terminal Guy - Joe Tannenbaum
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