Using Laravel in the enterprise - Nigel James

Nigel sits down with Mitchell to discuss using Laravel in the enterprise software world.

Nigel James is an enterprise software developer, and the owner of Square Cloud.
Mitchell Davis runs Atlas Software and RecruitKit.

The Atlas Software blog

  • (00:00) - I've got some explaining to do
  • (02:54) - A day in the life of Nigel James
  • (05:07) - Getting started in software
  • (13:59) - Getting into PHP
  • (19:58) - Tracking your chocolate boxes
  • (22:32) - Let's talk about enterprise software
  • (27:19) - Using Laravel in the enterprise
  • (34:45) - How to find enterprise clients as a software developer
  • (37:33) - Mitch learns about contracts
  • (39:56) - Girth reduction techniques
  • (41:55) - Camera lenses are an N+1 problem
  • (45:30) - Laravel 11 is dope

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Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis
Founder of Atlas Software and RecruitKit
Nigel James
Nigel James
Life, the Universe and Anything❤️ solving big complex problems like A = L + OE💛 emceeing events or speaking at tech conferences💚 doing my bit to CTW
Using Laravel in the enterprise - Nigel James
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